18th Century English Dance Workshop/ Masterclass

13th – 14th July 2020

Come and enjoy an inspiring, 2 day workshop of English dances, Playford Dances and especially choreographed dances led by dance expert Cécile Laye from Paris.

This is a rare opportunity for anyone interested in 18th century dance to come and learn with one of the finest teachers of historic dance. During the 2 day class, Cecile will teach a range of dances from the period 1680 – 1800 putting much emphasis technique and performance, as well as on the learning of the dances.

This workshop/masterclass is aimed at all experienced dancers whether from a folk or ballet background. It is non-residential, but if you wish to stay locally we can help you with accommodation suggestions.
Tickets are £50 for the two days (before 21st Feb), £55 thereafter.

For more information please contact Stephanie ( See contact page)
Cecile Laye calling at a Regency event in Bath in May 2019